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We know that running a business involves a lot of moving parts. Maintaining your organic rankings on keywords often takes a back seat. We’ll take a good look and give you honest feedback.

What does SEO stand for?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, in the simplest form, it’s where your website ranks for various keyword searches in the likes of Google and Bing, ultimately you want to rank as high as possible for all of the search terms most relevant to your business.


Why is SEO so important?

SEO is how people organically discover and visit your website, meaning unlike pay per click, which once turned off you’d stop receiving that traffic to your website, SEO doesn’t cost you for ever website click, therefore you can enjoy a great return on investment when you begin to rank for relevant keywords. This being said, please do note that SEO is not as instant as pay per click and it does take time to achieve those long-term, profitable but more importantly sustainable results.

Is there a catch for my free SEO audit?

Honestly, no there isnt. The truth is we’ve always found that engaging with new businesses in a non intrusive, honest manner has always led to our business growing and so consider this us engaging with your business to explore the potential opportunities of us forming a partnership.


Can we discuss improving our website and it’s rankings?

Of course! This is our area of expertise and what we do on a daily basis for many other partners, just drop us a line at and let’s grab a coffee to see where we could fit into your business and help to accelerate its growth.