At Epic, we’ve never been afraid to let our culture and beliefs be known. We believe in long term partnerships focused on your success, which in turn fuels our ongoing success.

We let our performance focused results act as our ongoing contract, no fixed term contracts forced on anyone here. If you think what you’re reading is refreshing, you wouldn’t be the first to say that and we know you will just love it when we get into the fun stuff with you and show you how we can drive your business forward to smash your online goals out of the ball park.

We live and work by a trio of values that we will never compromise on. Ever.

Honesty & Transparency.

We provide completely open and honest advice to both current clients and prospects, if we don’t feel that a certain service will provide the best return, we make it this evidently clear and explain why. If a business has internal capabilities to perform some of the tasks then we show them how to be able to undertake what they would like to achieve themselves. We only care about and seek long-term, trusted and mutually respectful working relationships with partners, not clients.

Return on
Investment Focused.

Everything we do from strategy to execution is all focused on creating the highest value return on behalf of our partners, we ensure every bit of activity is completely trackable so that we can provide a return on investment figure for every £ spent.

We take our work seriously,
but not ourselves.

When it comes to the work we deliver, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest regard, nothing ever leaves our office door that we’re not proud to put our name to.

Our confidence in the way we do things allows us to not forget to enjoy what we do and as you get to know us, you’ll realise we don’t take ourselves as seriously as we do our work.

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